Ariel Poppy Seed Filling


Ariel Poppy Seed Filling

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Who doesn't enjoy poppyseeds? But who wants to do the backbreaking task of pulling them out of the pod?  

There is, however, a simpler, more efficient method. And it doesn't necessitate the use of any bizarre gadget or a long preparatory process. It's a stuffing. It is planted once and grows year after year. There is no effort involved at all.  

It's not simply a collection of chemicals; it's natural. So, it's a filler, not a dessert topping, a false sweetener, or something that will mess with your blood sugar levels.  

Our filling is made entirely of natural poppy seeds and has no other additives. We crush whole Turkish poppy seeds with granulated sugar until they can be formed into pastilles or rolled into delicious balls.  

Ariel, as a masticatory, has taken matters into its own hands. Every bite and swallow can now be an unusually delicious experience for you and your pals. Our seed-filling is the modern-day equivalent of your grandmother's quilt. The beautifully round, tiny pillows of pure delight may be eaten whole and have an addictive taste. There will be no more unpleasant dental visits, simply lovely dreams of exquisite flowery sweetness.
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