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Jasmine Gourmet Ground Cinnamon


Jasmine Gourmet Ground Cinnamon

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The only smell that comes to mind when you think of cinnamon is your mom's stuff for apple pie. Perhaps it's time to surprise yourself with a new taste experience. Cinnamon is a versatile spice with multiple uses. It brings more than sweetness to your dishes, from flavoring foods to adding zest and piquancy to desserts. Many people turn to 'cinnamon' to flavor their hot chocolate, but they don't always want all the extra sugar it provides. Jasmine Gourmet ground cinnamon comes with many essential oils, deep sweetness, and complex aromatic qualities. We ensure that our premium sourced cinnamon is certified organic and non-GMO to ensure you the best affordable product.  

Improve your morning oatmeal by adding some freshly ground Jasmine Gourmet Ground Cinnamon!  

It's balanced with subtle floral notes to add warmth to morning oatmeal and French toast. For baking, our finely-ground cinnamon will add flavor depth and complexity to your pies, cakes, and cookies without the bitterness found in other brands. And unlike other products advertised as "gourmet," ours is certified organic and non-GMO!  

A Sweet, Fragrant Treat

It's easy to prepare and versatile enough to use in all your favorite recipes. It is ideal for your home kitchen, which will bring a new level of flavor to your dishes and beverages! 

Moreover, it is a robust spice that offers flavors reminiscent of sweet and spicy comfort food. It's a light orange/tan colored finely ground spice with rich, comforting scents of sweet spice. We promise this spice will bring out a little something extra and will instantly brighten up your kitchen. So, look no further than Jasmine Gourmet Ground Cinnamon  

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