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Jasmine Gourmet Moroccan Hot Paprika


Jasmine Gourmet Moroccan Hot Paprika

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Some spices are rich in flavors as well as nutrients. Moroccan Hot Paprika of Jasmine Gourmet is one of them. It is used with oil to prepare dishes to discharge the full flavor and fragrance into them. The hot paprika spice is used in many recipes, including Pasta, Tomato dishes, Moroccan fish, Hummus, and goulash. The garden-fresh red pepper is rich in Vitamin C and enhances blood circulation.   

Hungarians introduced hot paprika spice, and then it got a variety of paprika. Traditionally, the Hungarian Paprika is accepted as superior to the rest. The Moroccan Paprika is obtained when pepper is dehydrated by sun heating and also the ground. It takes quite a work to bring out the best hot paprika spice to you. However, Jasmine Gourmet has made it easy for you to get it with effort.  

What it has?  

  • It's 100% natural.   
  • It is available in a 4.2 Oz bottle.   
  • It is a certified product of Israel.  

Where and how to make use of it:  

  • The effective use of this spice is to season and color rice, flaps, and soups, such as goulash.   
  • It is also used to make sausages as a component varied with meats and other spices.   
  • In some regions, this spice is often spread on foods as a garnish.   
  • Heating it mildly in oil more efficiently shapes the flavor.   
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