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Jasmine Gourmet Peanut Oil Cold Press


Jasmine Gourmet Peanut Oil Cold Press

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Oil is the necessity of every kitchen. There are different kinds of oils extracting from different things for different purposes. One cannot imagine their life without the need for oil.     

Have you ever been heard about peanut oil? Put down the spoon because everyone had heard about the peanut oil, but have you ever tried it? Our cold-pressed peanut oil is rich in tasting, and it is made especially to versatile your appetite. The peanut oil by Jasmine Gourmet is extracted from fine roasted peanuts then from the natural oil, nutrients, and vitamins by pressing it at low temperature. This healthiest oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which are necessary for a healthy heart. 

Perfect For Dressing and Deep-Frying Too:

It is the best option for deep frying and salad dressing. Jasmine peanut oil has a unique aroma that emerges from your delicious dishes, which increases your appetite. You can use this oil with less cholesterol for many purposes like stir-frying, oriental dishes, stews, and many more. Drizzling it on the overcooked food will add delicate flavor to your meal. The intense peanut aroma and taste make it a favorite of all. To intensify the taste of slight fish, the addition of it makes your dish mouthwatering. A simple way to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal is only possible by using 100% natural and highly sophisticated cold presses peanut oil by Jasmine Gourmet for your cooking needs.
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