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Jasmine Gourmet Sumac

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It is a spice by Jasmine Gourmet used to add fragrance and taste to the dishes. The sumac spice is well known for its bold flavor and nutritional properties. It has antiseptic qualities along with enhancing the flavor of everything. It complements grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and even delicate desserts because of its bold flavors.   

Sumac spices have variety in themselves, like the fragrant sumac and the smooth sumac.    

How to make most of it?  

  • In Mediterranean spice, blend a specific item in za'atar; a well-liked sumac spice is used to top all from pita to lamb chops.   
  • It is used as garnishing and sprinkled over diverse dishes—such as beef, lambs, salads, etc. Moreover, its sweet flavor makes it more favorable for bread desserts. For its colorful nature, it is used to garnish and give a style of citrusy tartness.   
  • It also acts as a substitute for lemon juice and vinegar. This spice also has less pungent that helps it in strong flavoring than its acidic complements.   

To marinate or meat rub, it is preferred by most people. Its bold flavor nature enhances the likely fats with its lively flavors.   

  • It's 100% natural.   
  • It is available in a 6 Oz bottle.   
  • It is a certified product of Israel.   

 It is perfect for enhancing the flavor of dishes that families might enjoy the most.  

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