Oriel Baking Choco Mix Chocolate Mix


Oriel Baking Choco Mix Chocolate Mix

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Hot cocoa is perfect for a cold night, but only if you can stop your hands shaking long enough to mix in the hot water!

We are SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU! We have been working with bakers for years to create the perfect baking Choco mix recipe.

Oriel Baking Choco Mix is made from nothing but pure cocoa powder, sugar, and some magic fairy dust. We promise this product will taste better than any other store-bought version of hot chocolate you've ever tried. It just works better than others we've tested!

It’s always a struggle to get the measurements right and the amount of water is never enough or too much. And even when it tastes good, there is just something so artificial about it.

Oriel Baking Choco Mix Chocolate Mix is the solution to hot cocoa mix perfection! The cocoa bean blend gives your homemade concoction that perfect rich flavor you crave, without making it taste fake or store-bought at all.

There has to be a place in this world for Oriel Baking Chocolate Mix. And I think it’s your kitchen cupboard.

But first, you have to try it.

Oriel Baking Choco Mix is rich and chocolatey with the perfect level of sweetness and flavor that will make your morning coffee taste like a little slice of heaven. It’s the best part of waking up and getting out of bed.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

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