Oriel Chocolita Mix Flavored Drink Mix


Oriel Chocolita Mix Flavored Drink Mix

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Drinking a cup of hot cocoa seems weird and boring. You know it, and we know it too. Are you also getting tired of the same old cup of hot cocoa from the grocery store? Are you looking for something different but with the same rich taste as your favorite drink? There's so much more to chocolate than just cocoa. This fantastic product by Oriel brings out the best of different chocolate flavors in their new generous collection of flavored hot drinks.

Warm-Up With a Mug of The Chocolate Goodness Made with Natural Nonfat Milk

Oriel Chocolita Mix puts an inventive spin on an old favorite. With the same rich, tolerant taste of a classic cup of hot chocolate cocoa, their chocolate-flavored drink mix puts warm up with a mug of chocolatey goodness. This blend is excellent for anyone looking for a sweet, flavorful drink on a brisk winter afternoon or evening – add water!

Bonus: It's caffeine-free so that kids can enjoy it too. This product is flavored with other natural flavors and has no artificial preservatives.   

So, now you can have a relaxing feeling while warming your tummy with 100% pure enjoyment. It is an instant drink mix that will help you prepare a tempting and delicious cup of hot chocolate drink now, even without having to go out!  

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