Oriel Iced Tea Peach Peach Flavored


Oriel Iced Tea Peach Peach Flavored

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The leaves of Peach for tea are used for making healthy, tasty drinks. Most people who use the peach tea leaves to make their drink opt for fresh leaves. For some reason, not many like to keep the tea leaves in the freezer. Iced Peach Tea by Oriel is an ideal drink during summer as a refreshing cold drink that can help to boost the immune system and detoxify your body. However, iced peach tea can be consumed throughout the year, even when the weather isn't hot. The product comes in a 7 Oz bottle.   

The benefits of drinking peach tea are many!

  • It contains potent antioxidants that can help fight signs of aging skin.
  • Drinking peach tea can also boost a good amount of calcium and fluoride for dental and bone health.
  • Drinking peach tea will also help you stay hydrated, providing the essential nutrients and vitamins required for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The iced tea improves the taste of your ordinary peach tea into something extraordinary!

This easy-to-make iced tea can be served hot or over ice for a refreshing beverage. Oriel iced peach tea is the easiest way to enjoy a drink with no effort. The taste of this drink is excellent when served over ice cubes with a slice of lemon.

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