Oriel Instant Sahlab Mix


Oriel Instant Sahlab Mix

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☕ A TASTE OF HOME - Sahlab or salep is a popular Israeli, Middle Eastern, or Turkish sweet creamy drink topped with coconut and cinnamon. Served hot, it’s perfect for winter or a rainy day.

☕ SIMPLE & EASY TO MAKE - Mix half of a sahlab bag with 2 cups of boiled milk or all of the package with 4 cups. Stir the mixture until dissolved, pour into serving cups, and voila - you’re done!

☕ SUITABLE FOR KOSHER DIETS - Turn this instant salep powder into a Kosher Pareve dessert beverage by simply using water or non-dairy milk as alternative ingredients. Soy milk is recommended.

☕ SERVE IT TO YOUR FAMILY - Warm up your household by serving your family, kids, or guests with Turkish salep drinks that didn’t take hours to make. One package yields a total of 4 servings.

☕ PROUDLY MADE IN ISRAEL - This salep powder mix is proudly made in Israel so you know that you're getting the authentic flavor that you've been looking for. Enjoy a taste of Israel wherever you are!

Are you craving for sahlab but can’t find it anywhere?

Picture this: You wake up on a cold, rainy day. A hot drink would be great to warm up your heart and soul. You scan your pantry for options: hot chocolate or your regular cup of joe? Either is no good if you have a craving for something else entirely. Sahlab sounds like the perfect thing to have.

Unfortunately, authentic sahlab can be incredibly difficult to come by and you probably won’t find it in the Middle Eastern grocery in your neighbourhood. Good thing it no longer has to be that challenging to enjoy a heavenly helping of sahlab.

Make a comforting sahlab drink in a jiffy with the Oriel Instant Sahlab Mix!

First, empty the contents of the package into a bowl and mix it with boiling milk. Second, stir the mixture carefully until it’s silky smooth. Lastly, pour the sahlab into your favorite serving cups and top it with desiccated coconut and cinnamon. Add pistachios or walnuts on top, if you’d like!

Can’t consume dairy? You can turn this sweet treat into a Kosher Pareve dessert by simply doing away with the milk and using boiling water. Alternatively, non-dairy milk like soy milk and almond milk are also viable options.

Now, you have yourself a silky sweet milk pudding drink that you can sip to your heart’s content. Have your mind wander to quaint cafes in Israel or in Turkey, watching snowfall in the winter. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, too!

Here are more reasons to love this instant sahlab mix:

✅ 4.6 oz. package
✅ Yields 4 servings per package
✅ 100% Kosher Pareve

Making sahlab and serving it to your family has never been this easy. Add the Oriel Instant Sahlab Mix to your cart TODAY!
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