Oriel Premium Sesame Seeds 100% Pure


Oriel Premium Sesame Seeds 100% Pure

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A mouthful of plastic is not what you're looking for in your food, and neither is a hard tooth from one of those minuscule little sea-creature bones found in imported dried seafood.


Our oriel premium sesame seeds guarantee that you are enjoying every crunchy mouthful of this tasty treat with peace of mind! Our premium sesame seeds taste deliciously mild with no fishy aftertaste.

They are free from artificial flavors and preservatives, so they are as pure as nature intended them to be. They're also a rich source of minerals like manganese and copper which support bone health.

Food lovers make a lot of sacrifices to enjoy their food. Calories, fat, and cholesterol are all high on the list of worries for health-conscious foodies.

Oriel Premium Sesame Seeds 100% Pure are rich in good fats, fiber, lecithin, and other nutrients that help reduce blood cholesterol. Our sesame seeds' high mineral content works as an antioxidant providing basic protection against diseases such as cancer.

When deciding what to have for lunch, we often find ourselves torn between what our bodies need and what our minds crave.

The Sesame seeds are here to help you make easy decisions when it comes to eating well.

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