Oriel Rose Water


Oriel Rose Water

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Rosewater is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can cure everything of sprains to acne. Its rich composition also helps balance the pH levels in your body, promoting bone health, digestion, and more!  

A warm summer's day and some friends over – what could be better? But what beverage would you serve? An Attractively crisp Oriel rosé water has been specially obtained from sunny vineries in the Mediterranean area. Pale pink in color with delicious fresh strawberry notes, this beverage has elegant white stone fruit flavors on the palate to compliment chicken, light pasta dishes, or fish and seafood. Serve chilled for maximum enjoyment.  

  • You can avail other benefits by taking care of yourself and your health with the help of Oriel's organic rose water.
  • Liven up all your favorite recipes using this versatile product or use it after washing your face to hydrate your skin.
  • Design a rosewater spray by adding it to a bottle. It can relieve stress. You can also spray this rose water on your hands, face, or even onto your pillow.

No matter what you decide for it, you will love how pure and natural our rose water is! Oriel is an affordable way of enjoyment without compromising on quality. This product is available in 250ml bottles.  

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