Oriel Sweet Halva Almonds Sugarless


Oriel Sweet Halva Almonds Sugarless

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Most sugarless sweets taste artificial and leave a bad aftertaste.

Do you want a tasty treat that will not rot your teeth? Do you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without gaining weight or losing energy? Feast on our Oriel sweet halva almonds sugarless.

Halva is made of sesame paste, sugar, and oil. We took out the oil (to make it kosher certified "H"), but added almonds as well as other ingredients to maintain its authentic taste. The sweetness comes from sugar substitutes such as sorbitol rather than plain sugar (which would have made it non-Kosher)

Sweet tooth? Halva Almond is the ideal snack to satisfy your sweet craving and complement your healthy lifestyle.

Just one spoonful of this heavenly concoction will send your taste buds on a divine journey.

Halva Almond is the kosher-certified sweet treat that satisfies your hunger and indulges your taste buds with its smooth, creamy texture and just the right amount of crunchiness from the sesame seeds.

So why is the sugarless halva so different from other halva’s? While most manufacturers remove the sugar by adding artificial sweetener to their product, Oriel premium manufactures theirs without adding any artificial ingredients! Additionally, they do not add hydrogenated fat or preservatives! This can provide you with a healthier snack alternative.

Order now to grab one box of delicious halva for yourself!

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