Oriel Sweet Halva Vanilla Authentic Taste


Oriel Sweet Halva Vanilla Authentic Taste

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Indulge in the Finest Halva Experience! A Seductive Rainbow of Nutty Flavors with Every Bite! Life is short and good things should be experienced in large quantities.

For those who know how to make every moment count, Oriel sweet halva vanilla offers a most delectable pastime. Its seductive rainbow of nutty flavors will tease your senses and savor the moment on your lips forever!

Halva is made of sesame paste, sugar, and oil. We took out the oil (to make it kosher certified "H"), but added almonds as well as other ingredients to maintain its authentic taste. The sweetness comes from sugar substitutes such as sorbitol rather than plain sugar (which would have made it non-Kosher)

A bowl full of boring halva is cause for despair. Halva should make your mouth water and seduce you with its smooth, nutty flavors.

So many varieties of regular old halva are offered for sale, but in reality, they're all a bit bland and characterless. Not only do they lack the buttery appeal that makes dessert fun, but they also lack the rich texture you'd associate with indulgent pleasure.

Bring home an exotic taste sensation today! Experience the silky smoothness of oriel premium vanilla halva firsthand as it melts on your tongue and gushes forth exotic vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Halva with its authentic Israeli taste is based on a recipe prepared in Israel by one of our master confectioners. It's sugarless and kosher certified. Vanilla Halva is a delicious, non-sugar-coated, soft, and chewy sweet treat.

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