Oriel Sweet Sugarless Vanilla Halva


Oriel Sweet Sugarless Vanilla Halva

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😋 SKIP THE SUGAR - Growing conscious about your sugar intake? Our halvah bars are created with little to no sugar so you can enjoy a satisfying serving of dessert, without feeling guilty!

😋 A SCRUMPTIOUS VANILLA FLAVOR - Enjoy the rich taste of vanilla with every bite of this mouthwatering Israeli halva. This one-of-a-kind dessert is the perfect sweet treat after a delicious meal.

😋 AUTHENTIC TASTE - Halva or halvah is a confection from Israel, the Middle East, or Central Asia. Our Kosher halva is carefully made to offer you the real deal - an authentic-tasting treat.

😋 A SNACK ANYONE CAN ENJOY - With Badatz certification, each scrumptious, decadent, and mouthwatering tub of halva has a 100% Kosher Pareve label. Serve it to your family or guests without worry.

😋 MADE IN ISRAEL - Authentic Israeli halvah may well be a rarity only found in specialty stores, but now it doesn’t have to be. From Israel, we’re bringing our halva straight to your doorstep!

Got a craving for a sweet treat like halva but you’re conscious of your sugar intake?

If you are someone that needs to be mindful of your sugar levels, it’s already a challenge for you to find and enjoy basic desserts or sweets that you can consume. What more if your dessert of choice is something that’s quite a rare delicacy like Israeli halva?

Finding a sugar-free or low sugar alternative to your favorite desserts is one thing. Whether or not it still tastes indulgent despite the lack of sugar is another. If you’re looking for halva that’s both healthy and scrumptious, you’ve come to the right place.

Enjoy a sweet traditional dessert without worry by having some of our Oriel Sweet Halva!

Halva or halvah is a traditional delicacy that is popular and widely available across the Middle East, Central Asia, India, and North Africa. Dating back centuries, this crumbly and rich dessert offers a taste and texture that sets it apart from other common confections available in the world.

Crafted and packed in Israel, we’re bringing you tubs of halva that offer that authentic, traditional taste without being overloaded with sugar. Choose from our selection of halva tubs. There’s vanilla or flaky vanilla, a decadent marble, or ones packed with your favorite nuts: walnuts, almonds, or pistachios.

Our sugarless halva is perfect for anyone – not just for those who are required to limit their consumption of sugar, but also for those who are observing certain dietary restrictions. Plus, each of our halva products has been certified 100% Kosher Pareve.

More reasons to love our sugar-free halva:

✅ Comes in large tubs for sharing
✅ Great to serve your house guests
✅ Bring it to parties or gatherings

Sugarless desserts have never tasted this good and authentic. Add the Oriel Sweet Halva to your cart TODAY!
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