Oriel 100% Cocoa Low Fat 10-12%


Oriel 100% Cocoa Low Fat 10-12%

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It is a 100% pure cocoa product with natural ingredients and no harmful substances like milk powder or sweetener. The company uses only fresh cocoa beans processed by experts with the modern machine within two days of harvesting from the tree.

For All the Health-Conscious People Out There:

The result is delicious, high-quality chocolate for health-conscious people who won't get rid of health benefits: The condition of your heart health, weight control, and skin health is significant. But due to a lack of knowledge, you cannot get enough nutrition from a regular diet. However, Oriel has brought you the best product for all the above problems. It is pure cocoa and easy to add to a daily diet. Using this product, people can maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve heart and brain health, reduce inflammation, maintain blood sugar and weight control, etc.   

The quality of 100% cocoa is excellent. But the process of making cocoa powder is not so easy as other products. Natural product provides people with unique taste and flavor that taste different from any other chocolate product. Also, it has no artificial flavor or coloring added to it. Get back to your lost nutrition by enjoying 100% cocoa product by Oriel. It is available in 8 oz bottles.    

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