Oriel Instant Pudding Bittersweet Chocolate Flavor


Oriel Instant Pudding Bittersweet Chocolate Flavor

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In an era when fusion reigns supreme on the dessert table, the good old pudding retains a vintage allure that will never go out of style. Talk about the warm and creamy product, and you will already feel comfortable. Undoubtedly, pudding is one of the most uncomplicated and most gratifying sweets. However, at some point, making simple plain old pudding becomes boring.   

But what if there is something that could not only improve but also multiply the flavor of your pudding by a factor of 1000? Yes, we're talking about a secret pudding that, just as its name suggests, will give you an immediate bittersweet chocolate flavor with just a tiny spoon of your pudding.   

Oriel Instant Pudding is all set to fill your pudding cravings in no time. This bittersweet chocolate pudding mix has a decadently rich, sweet flavor with its smooth, chocolaty taste. Its rich and creamy texture will make your family or guests fall in love with at, and that at first bite.  

Discover A Sweet Snack with the Oriel Instant Pudding mix!   

As the name suggests, making it would hardly take 10 minutes. Take a bowl first and put it in the mixture. Secondly, add two cups of hot water and mix until dissolved. Third, put the mixture into your serving meals or molds, then refrigerate in the fridge. And voila, after some time, your instant pudding is ready to be enjoyed.   

Enjoy With Your Family 

One box of this quick pudding mix makes four servings. It's an ideal item to be presented in front of the guests or have a lovely tea party with your family. This pudding is extremely popular among children as a favorite dessert. Watch their whole face lit up as the delicious bittersweet chocolate flavor hits their taste buds making them crave more!   

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