Oriel Malabi Syrup


Oriel Malabi Syrup

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For many, there is a missing point of contact for Mallabi Syrup. The taste of Mallabi is simple yet notorious in its deliciousness. The sweet dessert is most common in the Middle East, but there is no easy access to syrup within Western cultures. Mallabi syrup is a delicious and unique addition to anyone's kitchen pantry. It is ideal for serving with ice cream or as a topping on cakes and pastries. The Mallabi syrup is now available to different regions around the world-all thanks to Oriel. The import of this Mallabi syrup is also carried from Turkey.

Have Some Sweet Treats with Family!

So, you can now enjoy this sweet treat with your family at home, restaurants, and cafes around. Mallabi is a time-honored dessert that the whole family can enjoy.  

Suppose you don't know about Mallabi syrup and how it tastes like. Try it out now. It will be different from your regular pudding or spreads. The product is available in an 8.8oz bottle. Most people use this syrup instead of rose water and related items while making desserts. Israelis enjoy the sweet, creamy holiday treat during Rosh Hashanah and other special occasions. Oriel's Mallabi syrup brings the exotic back home, allowing you to enjoy this Middle Eastern traditional dessert anytime you'd like! Take pleasure in Israel's delectable traditions with Oriel's traditional Mallabi syrup.  

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