Oriel Silan Natural Dates Syrup 12oz


Oriel Silan Natural Dates Syrup 12oz

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Want sweeteners but not sugar? Date syrup is all you need. It's not just a sugar substitute but a syrup made from dates. Magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous-like nutrients are packed in it. Xylitol and erythritol are the main ingredients that are low in calories. So, it is a blessing for a person on a diet to enjoy all the sweet items. Goal to have low GI then this excellent quality date syrup with all essential ingredients is suggested. To overcome your thirst and make yourself an all-day active date syrup by Oriel is the best alternative.  

Combinations To Create Magic:  

  • Cakes and pastries become delectable when they come in combination with this natural favorite.  
  • Yogurt, bread, and beverages make a magical combo with this highly nutritious natural sugar. Rich in taste, this sweet liquid is there to make your breakfast healthy.   
  • An impressive combination is made when it is added to the simple cocktail. Serve it as a topping on ice cream and smoothies.  

Little caramel taste with a small amount of vanilla makes it an acceptable food all over the world. Because of no extra calories, you can include them in your healthy diet chart. Likely the syrup is made up of entirely natural ingredients. So, mingle it up and fresh your mood.   

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