Ariel Silan Selected Dates Syrup


Ariel Silan Selected Dates Syrup

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One common myth about a healthy and natural diet is that it is expensive. However, that's not true in every case. Ariel has proven this myth wrong by bringing Silan Natural Dates Syrup. This syrup is not only tasty and healthy, but it also saves your time for cooking. We offer natural syrup made up of the finest dates. Dates always sound sweet and tasty, and so we have transformed this tastiness into syrup.

Spread, Dress, And Enjoy!

You can use this syrup for dressing your desserts too. It will give a beautiful look to your food and enhance the taste with its all-natural ingredients.

Are you worried about calories? Well, hold on. Regardless of its enriched and creamy taste, the syrup does not add extra calories to your body. So, with Ariel Silan Dates Syrup, you can have the taste but not the calories. Is not it amazing to have something tasty on your side to add more flavor to your food? The natural ingredients give you side benefits too. The ingredients used in this syrup reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and gives you extra energy. So, you can enjoy all benefits with one syrup.

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